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What We Do

We are management consultants that help organizations build values-based work environments and develop strategies that balance productivity, creativity and satisfaction. Our clients include a wide range of corporations, education systems, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Our Vision

Organizations are stretching to keep their heads in the clouds while keeping their feet planted solidly on the ground. We make a difference in the ability of people to collaborate, develop strategy and implement change.

Our Solutions

"How can I think differently and change my perspectives when I want?"

Our solutions focus on developing flexible thinking and strategic thinking skills so people can shift perspectives quickly. We use an integration of core values, thinking styles, personal development, executive coaching and team building.

Manny Elkind

Manny Elkind
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Rachel Elkind

Rachel Elkind
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Flexible Thinking Programs

Thinking preferences is a key to understanding and utilizing mental diversity. It's the basis for the Whole Brain Model and the HBDI Profile.

Whole Brain Model

The Whole Brain Model created by Ned Herrmann.

Values Programs    

Values drive the directions of your work and life. What does that really mean? Do you know your most important values?

Custom Programs    

For important projects, off-sites, and quaterly management trainings:

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