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Flexible Thinking and the HBDI Training

Discover the profound influence that your “Thinking Preferences” have on your leadership, strategizing, problem solving, career choices, relationships and results…and what to do about it. Thinking Preferences are the ways of thinking that are most satisfying and seem more natural for you.

You’re constantly interacting with people who think very differently. How can you make that an opportunity for productive and creative outcomes instead of conflict? Expect to be surprised at the practical insights you get and how easily you can apply them.

“One of the most provocative, inspiring, thoughtful and fun experiences about valuing mental diversity and what it takes to function as a team.”

HBDI Certification Training

Deliver business value and concrete results by helping people, teams, and organizations leverage the connection between thinking and performance. Learn to use, apply, and interpret the HBDI® in this three-day workshop for individuals, teams or groups of any size.

Values Based Leadership – Group trainings or individual coaching sessions

People get motivated and inspired to achieve goals when they believe, consciously or unconsciously, that their personal values will get satisfied. So, it’s in the best interests of leaders and everyone to find ways to satisfy their own values and the values of the people they collaborate with and supervise. Almost always, what’s good for personal values is good for both the organization and the individuals.

Discover and learn how to use your personal values to MOTIVATE and INSPIRE YOURSELF and OTHERS to make better decisions that are simultaneously good for yourself and your organization’s goals. It’s a lot easier than you might imagine and at times changes lives.

“I had a major revelation. Peace has always been a major value to me. Avoiding conflict by being silent was my primary mechanism for maintaining ‘peace’ throughout my life. I finally realized that I must confront someone else to come to a more genuine peace rather than settling for ‘suffering in silence’.”

Mindtech Values Discovery Qualification – For Coaches and Trainers

Arm individuals and teams with an easy to use tool for motivating and inspiring themselves and others to get better results and more personal satisfaction. Develop the skills during 3 days of individual instruction and skill building sessions with a variety of people of your choosing.


Collaborate with leaders to plan and implement applications of Personal Values and the HBDI to develop great relationships, teamwork and an organizational culture that inspires achievement of your strategies and goals.

Applications include:

  • Strategies and goals development and implementation
  • Operations and administration planning and problem solving
  • Policy and best practices changes
  • Choosing jobs and careers
  • Improving relationships and teamwork
  • Performance reviews

Leadership Coaching

Coaching helps you achieve the results you want in your organizations and families.  It focuses on helping you create and maintain an effective organization characterized by high productivity, high morale, and high motivation. It provides a structure to work more collaboratively and creatively. It helps examine your impact as a leader, build capability where needed and learn techniques for managing conflict.  Coaching will help you thrive at work, in life and have enough energy and time to give back to others.