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“One of the most provocative, inspiring, thoughtful and fun experiences about valuing mental diversity and what it takes to function as a team.”


Why Do This?

As human beings our diverse genetics and life experiences make the structure of our brains and our thinking different from each other just like fingerprints. How can we use this extraordinary “mental diversity” for creative and productive purposes instead of believing these differences create conflict?


What's It About?

People will discover the profound influence that their “personal thinking preferences” have on their leadership, relationships, creativity, strategies and results. Thinking preferences are the ways of thinking that are most satisfying and seem more natural at this time of a person’s life. They are what you’re primed to pay attention to in all aspects of your work and personal life.

Program Benefits

  • Mental diversity is more valued: People who think and function differently will be more fully appreciated.
  • Communications are improved: The staff will learn simple and practical ways to be more flexible with language instead of saying the same thing over again, only louder.
  • Development and planning are more effective: People will start paying attention to opinions, issues and functions that they tended to ignore in the past.
  • Job satisfaction is increased: Participants will discover what types of activities satisfy and motivate different types of people and how to use that knowledge for assigning jobs and planning careers.
  • Conflict is reduced: Leaders and managers will become more effective in identifying the causes of conflict and developing solutions.
  • Relationships are improved: The staff will learn how to use thinking preferences to more fully understand and appreciate themselves and their colleagues.

The program will challenge many long held beliefs and expectations about some of the most important people and events in your lives. Many people will experience belief changes about themselves, their colleagues and their work. When beliefs change, behaviors change and the changes can last a lifetime.

Program Character

Much of the learning will come from individual and small group activities that are thought provoking with deeply meaningful conversations and insights.

The learning can be applied to current work issues and projects during class. There will be opportunities for skill building. The program can be adapted for advancing current projects and dealing with organizational issues.

A four-color HBDI personal profile describing an individual’s Thinking Preferences is given to each participant based on an assessment form they complete on the web a few weeks prior to the program.

There are no value judgments in the profile, so people will find it easy and fun to participate.


HBDI Profile Examples

Manny Elkind and Colleague

From Conflict to Collaboration

Manny and his colleague were on the senior staff of Polaroid’s Worldwide Camera Division some years ago. Before they were aware of these concepts, his colleague believed that Manny was weird, flaky and unrealistic and Manny believed his colleague was narrow minded and it would take dynamite under his chair to get him to move and do things differently, for a change.

The HBDI helped them both understand that they were just different and they indeed perfectly complemented each other. They quickly developed a great collaborative relationship and often had fun kidding each other openly about their differences, which became highly valued by both.

Manny discovered shortly after that his colleagues’ HBDI Profile was very similar to his wife’s profile.

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